1. CVS Systems is born


    Founded as CVS Systems by brothers Jerry and Joe Collins in Marion, Indiana, as one of the first satellite TV retailers in the Midwest.

  2. Beginning to grow...


    Relocated into a larger facility as a satellite TV and parts distributor.

  3. Expansion and Developement


    Developed the award-winning Ultimate Sales Training Seminar for Retailers. Added three branch offices over the next two years.

  4. Recognition of Achievement


    Earned recognition for "Top Sales Excellence" from manufacturers and "Technical Service Excellence and Support" from the Satellite Dealers Association.

  5. More Expansion


    Added two more branch offices.

  6. Company Growth


    John Collins (future President) began employment as warehouse team member then Sales Account Rep. Grew to over 50 employees.

  7. Relocate to Accomodate more Growth


    Added another branch and relocated to the present facility (former Hanks Grocery Store).

  8. Primestar


    Began distributing Primestar and became the nation’s "Top Primestar Distributor".

  9. Changing of the Guard


    Founders Jerry and Joe Collins retire. Joe’s son Tom Collins is promoted to President and Jerry’s son John Collins is promoted to Executive Vice President

  10. Evolution


    Converted its entire customer base over to DirecTV after it buys out Primestar. Becomes "Top Distributor” for DirecTV.

  11. Chart Course for Success


    Ceased relationship with DirecTV to become DISH distributor.

  12. Leading the way with education. Grow additional entity.


    Industry’s first to become approved to teach SBCA-certified installation. Launched CVS Wholesale Flags division just weeks before the tragedy of 9/11 and is proud to sell and distribute US flags, flagpoles and accessories to our great nation's VFWs, American Legions and other civic institutions.

  13. XM Radio


    Became the Preferred Midwest distributor for XM Satellite Radio and an important player in XM becoming America's #1 satellite radio service.

  14. 25 Year Anniversary!


    Celebrated its 25th anniversary with the Vantastic Van Giveaway Contest, presenting to one lucky retailer a $28,000 2005 Ford cargo van complete with DISH graphics and customized for installer needs.

  15. CVSFlags.com...


    CVS Wholesale Flags changed its name to CVSFlags.com

  16. Sony HDTV


    Became distributor of Sony HDTVs and consumer electronics.

  17. 30th Anniversary


    30th Anniversary

  18. Ring Central


    Became distributor for RingCentral, the nations #1 cloud-based business phone system.

  19. Getting Busy


    Opened American Wireless Entertainment, the industry’s first ever retail store and training facility, as a test site for new marketing initiatives and a hands-on training center for our Retailers. The Grand Opening included a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mayor and other community leaders.

    August: Launched DISH DAZE, an exclusive promotional event conceived to help generate DISH sales for Retailers. Prizes given away during the next 3 annual events included two $5000 Home Theater packages, two trips to Hawaii, and two new Smart cars.

    September: Jerry Collins became sole owner of Collins Distribution, un-retires and returns to daily operations as Chairman. After 15 years serving as Executive Vice President, John Collins is named President. CFO since 1999, Doug Carl is appointed to Executive VP/CFO.

  20. Staying Busy


    Construction of a 10,000 sq ft. warehouse addition to the existing facility was completed

  21. Samsung HDTV's


    Became distributor of Samsung HDTVs and consumer electronics.

  22. Under One Umbrella


    CVS Systems changed in name only to Collins Distribution.

    CVSFlags.com changed in name only to CollinsFlags.com.

    A new parent company called The Collins Group was established.

    Collins Distribution became a distributor for Milwaukee Tools

    American Wireless Enternment changed in name only to Collins Wireless and became DNS-approved as a DISH Authorized Contractor

    Another warehouse expansion is completed, this time 14,400 sq ft is added.

    Began construction of Collins Plaza, a 6-store Retail Strip Center.

    By year end Collins Real Estate LLC and Collins Mobile LLC were launched.